7 Day Wealth Review

I am a member of 7 Day Wealth 3x10 forced Matrix.

One unknown guy (now I know who he is) sent me his link to join 7dw(7DayWealth) under him.
I went through the "faqs" and "about us" pages. Satisfied with them I joined without any second thought.
Yeah, though I joined without thinking twice, I paid for the least membership.
Just $10 per month to be a silver member.
If this system would become a scammer, I would lose only $10, which is very cheap and affordable.
If this system goes tremendous success, as they say, I will earn more than $2000 every month just for $10. Great ha?

So, I am a silver member now and thinking to upgrade to gold or platinum.
And of course, am spreading my words to enroll others to this matrix system.

When I tried to brain-wash my friend Jack to upgrade his membership (yes, I was telling, "2k a month... 2k a month... 2k a month...), he is not charmed by my '2k a month' mantra and for my worst, he asked me a few, but, heavy questions about this 7dw matrix system.
I suddenly withdrew my mantra and asked him for some time to prepare my answers for his questions.

I am 38 years old now and it is more than 15 years since I prepared for my final-year collage exam. huh...

Below given are Jack's striking questions and my simple answers:

1) What guarantees do you have that 7DayWealth will pay you?
7dw says it will bear the loss if any occurs. If anything happens badly and if 7dw fails to keep its word, we will lose a small affordable amount only.

2) It sounds impossible that giving $ 10, I will recover $ 2000 in one month or two!
To get 2k every month, exactly $2,393.75, we must have 2,187 members in our downline at level 7. It is possible that 7dw does all the matrix building work and we need not to enroll any member to get our commission up to the level 7.

3) Assuming that between all members 7DayWealth get $40.000, then the company will invest all the money in forex and another things; but what if inversions fail?
Read the "about us" page to know better about this 7dw system. They say they have earned $3,000,000 from the investment of $50,000 for the last 6 years in metals, natural resources and forex. Of course, they can fail this time. Anything may happen. No business is guaranteed in this world, especially in Internet.
Their exact words are:
"We work with energy and precious metals, ETF's, overseas including China, India and Russia, penny stocks, managed currencies and managed futures, the EMini and some offshore exchanges that have proven to stand above the rest and make a place for short term gains as well as long term growth. We make money whether the market is going upward, down or sideways!

4) All in this page leads me to think this is a big scam (they will go with the money). How are you so sure of this page?
I have lost 100s of $ on various ptc, ptr and matices. 2 months back I lost around $110 at BushMuttonSystem matrix. I have lost around $500 at Vexto. I have lost $275 at VVclix. And I was fearing I would lose my $300+ at Payee(Thank God, this time I am spared as Payee is a honest site that I ever get crossed after NeoBux and Bux). From my 4 years experience, I see this program will work fine. Still I may be wrong. May God bless me! ;-)

5) If I pay a membership now, will I get paid on the August 20?
No. I think you will be paid on September or onwards. The first month's amount of every member will be invested with 7dw's Investment Club. So, from the second month only the commissions will be calculated. You will be paid on 20th of third month and every month afterwords for the previous month.
You will also get 0.5% - 3% of interest daily, some days you won't get any, on your first month's investment.

6) If the answer is "yes", What will be the difference between the pre-launch and the official launch of the September 5?
At pre-launch they will test their system, watch our response ratio, prepare a steady system with slow advertising only. After official launch they will do aggressive marketing with improved(if not already at prelaunch) system, banging the internet heavily.

7) Why do you say that this page is not a normal matrix system?
At normal matrix, admin would cut heavy commission and the uplines will be paid from the downlines' money only. No outside investing will be done. Downlines would be the losers. We have to sponsor or enroll members to grow our downline.
Here, at 7dw, company builds forced matrix and we need not to enroll any member to get paid.

8) Is 7DayWealth a MLM? Because I hear that the MLM system always fails.
Yes and No.
Yes, 7dw is an MLM as members are placed level by level up to 10 levels and will be paid according to their downline.
No, from my view and from my view only, 7dw is not an MLM, as we need not to hunt and sponsor members to grow our downline and to get paid. Members would be tired of hunting referrals and advertising their links and soon they would run away. This is the very reason why other MLM fail due to inactivity of the members.

You may now ask me why I am referring members to 7dw through my link as we need not to enroll even a single member to get paid. The reason is: REFERRING MAKES MORE MONEY..!

If I refer just 2 upgraded members and I am a GOLD member, I can earn up to $5,974.25 per month at my 8th level.
If I refer 5 upgraded members and I am a PLATINUM member, I can earn up to $55,060.50 per month at my 10th level.

If I remain merely a SILVER member paying just $10 per month, still I can earn up to $2,393.75 per month at the 7th level.

I will get 50% Matching Bonus of my personally enrolled upgraded members income.
I will get 25% Matching Bonus of my personals personally upgraded members income.

The official launch is September, 5.

When I joined this system there were only 4000+ members.
When I upgraded my membership there were only below 1000 upgraded members.
Now, the system has 21,000+ members this morning(July, 29) and growing rapidly.
There are 3000+ upgraded members.

As this is forced matrix, every part of this matrix will be given same care.
The matrix is formed with only the upgraded members and there will be no holes or gaps.
Free members will NOT be placed in the matrix.

If you don't want to invest at least $10 per month, then you may remain FREE member and can refer others to this 7dw matrix.
You get $2.5 per Silver member you refer.
You get $5 per Gold member you refer.
You get $10 per Platinum member you refer.

Now I am a SILVER member only.
But, I am going to GOLD, of course, after have enrolled 5 upgraded members I will go PLATINUM so soon. :D
I will get 100% Matching Bonus from my 5th level, if I go GOLD.
I will get 50% Matching Bonus from my 10th level, if I go PLATINUM.

If this system fails, I won't lose 100s of $ as I have lost on other systems.
If this system wins, I would retire wearing goosey-grin on my face.
That's it..!

Click here and Join 7dw!